Tokenomics Overview


The Continuum native token ($UUM) is a multipurpose token within the Continuum ecosystem, providing opportunities for:
  • Governance
  • Work
  • Rewards
  • Networking And,
  • Digital Currency

Token Utility Canvas

Balancing Demand and Supply

Demand Side

Early investors in Continuum have the opportunity to buy UUM tokens during our seed round, privately, and in a public sale. Traders can also buy UUM tokens on CEX and DEX exchanges. Naturally, liquidity providers stake UUM tokens in DEX liquidity pools to earn trading fees and then stake LP tokens (i.e. UUM/ETH LP tokens staked) in the Continuum staking pool to earn tokens and governance power.
Token holders stake UUM in the Continuum staking pool to earn tokens and governance power.
On the user side, learners tip other users with UUM tokens and buy an NFT with their tokens to access the platform or take a course. On the flip side, royalties from any NFT type can be used to buy UUM and creators spend/stake tokens to advertise their premium courses or other content.

Supply Side

Early investors earn UUM tokens for taking risks, like investing in the platform. In true Web3 fashion, the Continuum team and the extended team also earn UUM for building the project. Learners will earn UUM for taking courses and engaging with content, Creators earn for publishing content, and Stakers earn for staking. LP Token stakers also earn UUM tokens for staking (i.e. UUM/ETH LP tokens staked).