Taxonomy of Actors


Gen Z, students, career transitioners, and new freelancers interested in learning advanced digital skills across Web2, Web3 (DeFi), and Gaming via Play2Earn platforms.
As described in the discovery phase, we have average learners and hardcore learners. And as seen in the Strategy Dashboard, learners have different profiles.
  1. 1.
    The Explorer: Learner. Personal Growth-Focused. Always curious about new information.
  2. 2.
    The Researcher: Learner. Market-Focused. She wants to change careers.
  3. 3.
    The Adventurer: Self-Oriented Learning. Experience-Focused. Prefers a variety of experiences with delightful surprises.
  4. 4.
    The Artisan: Self-Oriented Learning. Goal-Focused. Prefers depth of knowledge on a subject over lots of new subjects.
  5. 5.
    The Champion: Group-Oriented Learning. Goal-Focused. Desires status amongst their peers, possibly leadership. Motivated by competition.
  6. 6.
    The Magician: Group-Oriented Learning. Experience-Focused. Wouldn’t want to miss out on the latest trends or topics. Engages with cohorts, peers, and creators to learn.

Experts (fka Creators)

Similarly, as described in the discovery phase, we have average creators and hardcore creators. And as seen in the Strategy Dashboard, there are different profiles of creators.
  1. 1.
    The Influencer: Creator. Market-Focused. Wants to create a brand identity, a long-term business, and an audience.
  2. 2.
    The Artist: Creator. Personal Growth-Focused. Wants to impact their society.
Update on creators' earnings: given creators' key role, they must have skin in the game and a voice on the platform. Similarly to learners, they must get at least part of their earnings in UUM locked for 12 months.

Brands and Startups

Companies who are interested in getting their products into the hands of new customers.
In the Web2 space, these could be SaaS products of the creative industry, such as Figma, Squarespace, Adobe, or Canva.
In the Web3 space, these would typically be DeFi and Gaming projects such as Layer1s, Layer2s, DEXs/AMMs, Lending Platforms, and Play2Earn apps.
Web3 companies with their own token could also add native rewards to the ones we already give.

UUM Treasury Managers

Treasury management is a role that will eventually be collectively owned. The treasury management policy was already set in place, so very little decision-making is required.
Agents acting as treasury managers act mostly as safe-keepers as the responsibility is very high if/when a decision on the treasury is taken.
Initially, this program will be fully controlled by the founding team. Once the DAO starts taking shape, a DAO council will take ownership of part of the treasury. The long-term vision is for the DAO council to fully control the treasury.


We have a full-time team (aka core team) 100% dedicated to building the project for the coming years and an extended team who is contributing to key aspects of the projects although having a lesser stake.
There is great pressure on the full-time team; the project's success relies greatly on that group's leadership.
As part of the extended team, agents can help keep the token on centralized exchanges, build sound tokenomics, advise on growth, connect with partners, and connect with financial contributors. The full-time team can gain deeper insight into complex topics with these members, allowing the arm of the project to reach further.

Token Holders

Without financial contributors, a token would be worthless. It is also possible for token holders to be agents who earned tokens via the app, but they usually hold a relatively small number of tokens. Token holders can also be team members.
Typically, large token holders have extensive industry knowledge, are extremely well connected, and can significantly influence project valuations. Retail holders and smaller token holders can hold a large number of tokens and be the backbone of the app, as they typically represent many people.

External Community

The number of agents considering donating or using the app is enormous. There is a possibility that they are financially involved and/or loyal users of similar projects.
Learn2Earn offers them an opportunity to teach or learn in an innovative manner and become part owners of the platform they use. The crowd may already be familiar with crypto or come from the Web2 world, which has tens of millions of users.
In addition, those who wish to become token holders by purchasing on exchanges may have deep pockets and be looking for opportunities such as DeFi integrations and potential speculative upsides.