Keys to Success

Keys to Success


Processes as Key Performance Indicators include Course Publishing, Number of Learners & Creators, and User Rewards. Continuum will monitor these metrics to gauge the growth and health of the platform based on the number of courses published (and minted as fractional ownership NFTs), the number of new and active learners and creators, and the number of rewards distributed and redeemed by users.


Any platform requires resources to succeed. Continuum has the benefit of existing resources, including a prominent, SEO-wealthy website, influential community ambassadors, a network of eager learners and creators at the ready, and our team of knowledgable advisors and investors with our startup capital.


Continuum partners are our communities of content creators (collective of designers), famous content creators, communities of learners (Bootcamps or Universities), Smart Contract audit firms, renowned Web3 firms, and a renowned crypto-native community (bankless).
We also partner with brands that make products that target our audience, for whom we can create sponsored educational content. Most recently, Figma has paid us to create short educational videos on their product, FigJam.