General Overview

Opportunity in Web3 Space

Value Proposition: The first Learn-to-Earn platform dedicated to creatives and short-form content.

With Continuum's vision, the next generation of remote learners and workers will access an accessible global vocational school and community. While current attrition in traditional courses is high because they can be long and tedious, Continuum’s digestible course size tackles this issue directly.
With its community-owned platform, Continuum facilitates financial freedom and democratizes creative education. Using the platform's native network token, $UUM, learners and creators can earn residual income and ownership rights. Creators and learners can capture the value they create on the platform, effectively owning the network they help build.
Through Web3, each asset type supports the other while bringing unique benefits (features, audiences, and experiences).

Audience & User Profile

More than 50 million new and aspiring freelance creators and creatives are the primary audiences for Continuum. Mostly Gen-Z and Millennials, though some will undoubtedly be older.
Crypto natives are expected to make up roughly 10% to 15% of the existing user base in the first year. Based on community data, users are expected to be 100% tech-savvy.

Business Model – How Continuum Makes Money

Continuum works with start-ups and brands to share educational content about their products. A similar experience you may be familiar with is Coinbase Earn, allowing users to earn cryptocurrency while learning about Web3 companies and protocols.
Creators may sell premium products and services such as 1:1 video calls, replies, ebooks, and digital merchandise. Meanwhile, 10% of the revenue transacted on the platform will be captured by Continuum in service fees. Of course, users may take their interactions off the platform; however, we will increase retention by making the app the best tool for these interactions and providing incentives through gamification and tokens.
Transaction fees from NFT trading - some NFTs are tradeable, others not. The fractionally owned content NFTs.