Allocations & Investment Overview

Pie Chart, Allocation Table, and Distribution Schedule Chart

The generous Platform Incentives allocation is meant for all the actors acting in the interest of the project, such as LPs, Stakers, Learners, and Creators.
  • Private Sale and Seed do not have any unlock on listing.
  • Public Sale price is barely higher than the Private Sale price, so vesting is longer but close.
  • Price difference between Private and Seed is double so lockup and vesting on Seed is longer than Private.
The project reserves an option to add further supply via approval from the founders once the total supply is reached. See how ENS did this.


Adding further supply allows Continuum to raise $12.75M in stablecoins:

Trading Price

Assuming the token price hits 10c on its first day listed on exchanges, the project’s market capitalization will be $12M: