About us

What is Continuum?

Continuum is the first tokenized learn-to-earn platform. We provide free short-form, TikTok style video and carousel courses for vocational learners worldwide. Content creators and learners earn crypto and NFTs for creating, learning and engaging with the network.
We are live on the web, iPhone and Android rn.
As creatives, we’ve posted millions of pieces of content — tutorials, insights, advice, resources etc. — yet we are still operating, in our view, a globally dispersed design and business school, on photo and video sharing platforms.
Continuum was built specifically for the creative community and our learning ecosystem.

Our Team

Jason Curry (Founder & CEO)

Jason has an extensive background in engineering and product design. Founded and sold a 50-person agency in NYC. Has helped dozens of startups with product and GTM strategies.

Jamey Gannon (Co-Founder & Creative Director)

Jamey is a self-taught Gen-Z designer and social strategist. She's also a content creator in the creative space with over 30k followers.

Brian Wong Jun Han (Co-Founder & Chief Of Staff)

Brian has worked as community and social media marketer for various web3 startups, DAOs and NFT collections. He has also worked in the film, Fashion, and Entertainment industries. He is based in Singapore and leads efforts for Continuum's APAC presence. He also contributed to various DAOs and write on his own blog frequently.

Courtney Langley (Product Manager)

7 years of product management experience with tech startups and large companies like Wayfair. She also recently got curious about Web3.

Zhang Ruiyang (Lead Engineer)

Full-stack and blockchain developer, architect, and DevOps. Heavy experience in DeFi. Expertise with complex algorithms and mathematics. B.S. and M.S. in computer science from UT Austin. From Singapore, and living in Montreal.

Vadim Hrytsenko (Product Designer)

Vadim is a Gen-Z product designer, UI designer, and animator. He has over 5 years of experience as a product designer for crypto brands such as Defiyield, WELD, and others. Vadim is also an Influencer in the design space on Instagram.

Yong Ki Augustinus (Full-Stack Developer)

Yong Ki is a full-stack developer based in Bali, Indonesia.
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