About us

What is Continuum?

Continuum is a free, global vocational school ensuring that the next generations of digital workers stay ahead of technology that might otherwise displace them.
Continuum provides free, short-form edutainment content that rewards learners in crypto and NFTs for exploring a broad range of career-focused disciplines, while allowing them to dive deeper when they discover a subject they enjoy.
We are live on the web, iPhone and Android rn.
Continuum started off by providing free, in-demand education to new creatives. As creatives, we’ve posted millions of pieces of content — tutorials, insights, advice, resources etc. — yet we are still operating, in our view, a globally dispersed design and business school, on photo and video sharing platforms.

Continuum's Mission and Vision

Our mission is to become the go-to global vocational ecosystem for the next generations of global citizens and digital workers. We believe that building the obvious future includes creating a world where education is not only free, but people are paid to learn. We recognize that an educated populace is essential for a more equitable, safe, and thriving global society. Thus, it is in the best interest of our society to prioritize education for all. Removing the financial barriers to entry is the first step.

Our Team

​Jason has extensive experience in engineering and product design. He started his career at Rockwell Software then founded his own development studio in Austin, TX which he eventually moved to NYC, grew to a team of 30 onsite and 70 remote staff and then sold. He has shipped numerous successful projects for high-profile companies such as FitBit, Nest, Apple, Marcus/Goldman Sachs, Estée Lauder, KeyMe, and FINRA. Additionally, he has experience helping brands such as Amex, BofA, and TrueCar acquire customers through landing page design and multi-variate conversation rate optimization.
​Brian has experience managing communities, leading social media efforts, film production, and talent management for web3 startups, DAOs, and NFT collections. He is based in Singapore and leads marketing, sales, partnerships, business development at Continuum. He also contributed to various DAOs and write on his own blog frequently.
Rui Yang is a professional Full-stack and blockchain developer, architect, and devops specialist, who has spent 4 years primarily working in DeFi. He obtained his B.S. in Computer Science from Nanyang Technological University, before earning his M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Austin. Rui Yang is highly proficient in complex algorithms and has earned certification as an AWS Solution Architect and Linux Certified Kubernetes Administrator, highlighting his ability to develop scalable solutions.
​Vadim is an accomplished Gen-Z UX/UI designer, and animator, with over 6 years of experience in designing for leading crypto brands such as Defiyield and WELD, among others. In addition, Vadim is an influential figure in the design space, with a significant presence on Instagram. His unique blend of creativity and technical expertise has helped him to stand out as a prominent professional in the field.
Yong Ki is an experienced full-stack developer and architect with a talent for leadership and product management. He is proficient in organizing project roadmaps and ensuring timely and within-budget product deliveries using agile methodologies. With his exceptional ability to streamline processes and optimize project outcomes.

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