Continuum Whitepaper

With Tokenomics


Continuum is the first decentralized social learning platform to reward Creators and Learners, creating economic opportunities for digital workers worldwide.
This blockchain project targets a $360 billion industry by decentralizing education and facilitating the development of accessible knowledge.
It's easy to advance your career with Continuum's social learning platform. Partnerships with existing technology providers can further enhance the ecosystem's potential, even if only to represent their organizations.
A leader in self-motivated education for many years, digital creatives are starting the largest blockchain-enabled social learning network globally.
Creators are rewarded with Continuum Token (UUM) and a guaranteed share of our Creator Fund for teaching viewers. This white paper explains our platform's capabilities and how to use these social tokens.
With the first crowdsourced education platform using ETH-based tokens, Continuum aims to create economic opportunity for freelancers by increasing education affordability, accessibility, verifiability, and transferability.
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